5 important things introverts never do

It seems fashionable for some to proclaim to the world that they are introverts. They likely had an experience that an introvert would find enjoyable. But one incident does not an introvert make. Introversion is much more complicated than that. Here are five things introverts never do.

If at the end of a workweek you can’t wait to unwind with a bunch of friends, then you’re not an introvert.

This one is pretty straightforward. At the end of a workweek, introverts want quiet isolation. Perhaps a nap. But definitely solitude, maybe with a good book or favorite TV show. It’s the only way we can recharge. Hey, it’s fantastic if you are making plans to go out to a bar or party with a bunch of friends, but if you are, then you very likely aren’t an introvert.

If you think introverts are lucky because they like to be alone, you’re not an introvert.

The world is full of people. They are everywhere. At work. At school. At the store. The game. Restaurants. Wandering the streets. Even at home, your family is around. It’s difficult to get alone time in this world. We know isolation is precious and difficult to come by. If you think anything else, you’re just wrong. And know this, introverts get lonely too. We don’t always need isolation. Sometimes we need a good friend to talk to for hours. But much of the time, we need isolation to recharge, and we can’t get it.

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Just because you enjoy some quiet time alone does not mean you are an introvert.

Sometimes folks have a delightful evening on the back patio with a choice beverage all by themselves. Or curl up in a warm blanket and watch a movie all by their lonesome and have a wonderful time. Then they get the thought, “Hey, I’m an introvert.” False. Remember something: anybody can appreciate some quiet, solo time, but introverts crave it. Need it to survive. There is a difference there, and it is huge.

If you enjoy telling people you are an introvert, you probably aren’t an introvert.

Introverts don’t wave a badge around announcing how their brains work. We know that we struggle in what is a primarily extroverted world. We certainly aren’t looking for attention. Instead, we are seeking refuge from it. If you are out there waving a banner, proclaiming that you are an introvert, you’re not. You’re just not.

If you’re not sure if you are an introvert, then you are not an introvert.

This ties in with the previous section. If you are an introvert, you know it. You recognize that while everybody else is ready for the get-together or heading for the game, you only want to sink into your couch and disappear. It is possible that you’ve made it to this point in your life, and you haven’t considered whether you are an introvert or extrovert. But you know the symptoms. You know if social interaction charges you up or burns you out. If it drains your battery, you, my friend, are an introvert.

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